Ubud Jungle Swing at Uma Pakel Agro Tourism

Uma Pakel Agro Tourism is probably one of the most famous spots in Ubud where you can get the best Jungle Swing ride of your life and try some Cat Poop coffee. =)

Almost everything in Uma Pakel is free except when you want to experience exciting swing at the edge of a cliff. The swing ride will cost you 200.000 IDR that is about 15 USD more or less. The swing is long and you will wear harness as a safety precaution. Visiting Uma Pakel will never be complete without experiencing the unforgettable Edge Swing.

After your swing ride, a photo op inside a humming bird’s nest is included in the package when you avail the edge swing.
Also if you are not satisfied with just the humming bird’s nest, you might want to get a photo of you in a regular nest, which worthy of a spot in your IG profile.

Above the nests are a bamboo constructed edge wherein you can see a birds eye view of Tegallang Rice fields
After all tiring photo shoot, it is time to relax and try Uma Pakel’s different teas and coffees (7 kinds of tea and 7 types of coffee to be exact). If these 14 types of drinks in total will not satisfy you, try something exotic if you dare for it.
This is probably the world’s most expensive coffee coming from a cat’s poop. Civet Cats are known to pick the best coffee fruit, and when they eat the best fruit, the fruit will also carry the best coffee bean which when civet cat defecates, the bean/s will be released and thus collected and roasted.

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